The Clean Team – Hiatus

Dear Friends:
We had six of our strongest Members (plus a group in Town) out this post-glorious Saturday morning.  Tried to persuade at least 30 Cisco Surfers (at 8:10 a.m.!) to join us.  No takers.  Devotees of the Endless Summer Mystique, I suppose.
So, with a grateful nod to Cisco Brewers: 60% of Hummock and Bartlett Farm Road were swept; bikepath too plus 300 yards of Cisco Beach and its parking lot.  Fine effort.
Close our our Season, please, 8:00 a.m. – rain or shine:
    – Oct. 15: Town at Stop & Shop parking lot; and
    – Oct. 22: Jetties Beach.
But then: Saturday, Dec. 3, 8:00 a.m.: Town – Stop & Shop Lot.  Ilona: alert Annie.  It is a done deal.
Not easy to say Goodbye.  Try.  Be Well; Do Well; and Fare Well.  With unceasing thanks.
Bill Connell

Cleaning Report

Five of us braved the storm at Surfside Beach and in Town last Saturday.  Truth is that we saw the conditions and sought immediate shelter!  For the first time ever, we accomplished nothing.
So, we will re-double our efforts this weekend.  We will meet in Town at 8:00 a.m. and we will meet next to Cisco Brewers on Bartlett Farm Road.
We will continue to meet on a rain-or-shine basis, and that includes Hurricane Matthew.  Let’s show Nantucket that we are made of The Right Stuff!
See you on Saturday.

The Crazy Clean Team

16 volunteers last weekend and a letter to the editor praising the “crazy Clean Team”; crazy in the sense we are making the Island better.  Surely we are.  Try this:
     – all of Town;
    – Milestone Road to Nobadeer Farm;
    – Polpis Road to Lifesaving Museum;
    – Old South to Lovers Lane;
    – a swatch of Fairgrounds; and
    – Orange Street from Cumberland Farms to the Rotary.
 All in an hour.
 So, heaping praise on all, we continue at 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. at:
     1.  In Town each Saturday at 8:00 a.m. (rain or shine): Stop & Shop Lot – including October 15 –our last Saturday in Town.  Thank you, Ilona.
     2.  October 1: Surfside Road and Beach.  Meet at the Parking Lot at Beach.
     3.  October 8:  Hummock Pond Road.  Meet next to Cisco Brewers.
     4.  October 15: all in Town at Stop & Shop lot.
    5.  October 22:  our last clean-up for 2016 (maybe Stroll): meet at the Jetties Beach parking lot for a quick polishing at this Jewel on the Isle.  Get it ready for Winter.
Crazy?  Like foxes!

September Schedule

Our schedule for this Saturday (Aug. 27) and each Saturday in September (8:00 a.m. rain or shine) will be:
    1.  Every week at Town at Stop & Shop Parking Lot; and
    2.   August 27: Sewer Beds Beach Area.  Meet at the End of South Shore Road near the Sewer Beds;
    3.  September 3:  Steps Beach.  Meet on Lincoln Circle at the path that leads to the Steps;
    4.  September 10: Tom Nevers Navy Base.  Meet at the very end of Tom Nevers Road to fan out along the shoreline.
    5.  September 17: Sanford Farm Parking Lot as we tackle – once again – Madaket Road.
    6.  September 24:  The Milestone Road Rotary to venture out on to Old South Road and Fairgrounds Road.
Thanks to all.

The Clean Team – August Schedule

Here is the upcoming schedule for this Saturday and the coming month!
Peggy will be in Town at the Stop & Shop each Saturday at 8:00 a.m.  Town needs us badly.
This coming Saturday, July 30, our “out-of-Town” group will meet at 8:00 a.m. on the Wauwinet Road opposite “NISDA”.  The Harbor there needs us.
Enough for the roadsides, to the Beaches we go in August!
1.  August 6:  meet at Sankaty Beach Club at the end of Hoicks Hollow Road.
2.  August 13:  Eel Point Road at the Bathhouse at Dionis Beach.  Some will go to 40th Pole.  All litter back to Dionis Beach for DPW removal.
3.  August 20:  Fat Ladies Beach: meet at the entrance to Bartlett Farm’s Market.  We will travel different dirt roads to the shoreline.
4.  August 27:  Sewer Bed Beach.  Travel down South Shore Road (off of Surfside) to its end at the sewer beds.  Stop there and walk down to the shore.  Be alert for clothes ripped off and left in the dunes in the hallowed name of FREEDOM!
Thanks to all.
P.S.  Expect a huge crowd on August 27!

July Schedule

We have an exciting schedule for the balance of July.  I will give further details in the weekly reports, but let me just summarize where we will be.  Always at 8:00 a.m. ending at 9:00 a.m. sharp!
Every week, we will have one group meet in Town at the Stop & Shop parking lot while another group cleans at a new Nantucket locale.  Here is the schedule:
    July 2:  Meet at the very end of Russell’s Way.  We will clean the dirt roads there and the beach toward the airport and in the other direction, toward Tom Nevers.
    July 5:  This is our special event.  We will meet at Nobadeer Beach and join with Town Friends and New Friends from Cisco Brewers to pick up any debris left over by our young, enthusiastic Revelers.  We shall not judge them (even though we want to beat them over the head with one of their empty tequila bottles).  Forgive me for showing my true colors.
    July 9:  Meet on Upper Polpis Road near the entrance to the Sankaty Golf Club.
    July 16:  Meet on Milestone Road near the entrance to the Nantucket Golf Club.
    July 23:  Meet at the landfill entrance on Madaket Road.
    July 30:  Let’s go Uptown!  Meet on Wauwinet Road near the entrance to the Nantucket Island School of Design (NISDA).
As you can see, we have miles to go before we sleep!  Lots of debris out there.

Sankaty Beach Club – the end of Hoicks Hollow this Saturday

Special thanks to Gene Mahon and his Newsletter for his/its consistent support of The Clean Team.  Also great to note a DPW person in Town picking up litter, even cigarette butts.  Truth is, our once a week efforts are not enough.  DPW not only cut but (brilliant move) picked up Milestone Road.  It remains almost (well, sort of) perfect.  Looks like the Natchez Trace Parkway winding its way to the railyards in Nashville from the cotton fields in Mississippi.  Stunning.
Twenty three of us out last Saturday; eight in Town.  Terrific effort.
This Saturday at 8:00 a.m., we meet in Town at the Stop & Shop parking lot and:
    – Sankaty Lighthouse to complete our mission from early August.
We will meet at 8:00 a.m. in two locations:
    – Sarah and Grant will meet you at Sankaty Beach Club – the end of Hoicks Hollow Road – to trek up to the Lighthouse Area;
    – I will start the same trek from Sconset’s Codfish Park lifeguard stand.  But, because of the distance, I will leave at 8:01 a.m.
Please come as we have NEVER tried to clean that stretch of shoreline.
Bill Connell