The Clean Team – August Schedule

Here is the upcoming schedule for this Saturday and the coming month!
Peggy will be in Town at the Stop & Shop each Saturday at 8:00 a.m.  Town needs us badly.
This coming Saturday, July 30, our “out-of-Town” group will meet at 8:00 a.m. on the Wauwinet Road opposite “NISDA”.  The Harbor there needs us.
Enough for the roadsides, to the Beaches we go in August!
1.  August 6:  meet at Sankaty Beach Club at the end of Hoicks Hollow Road.
2.  August 13:  Eel Point Road at the Bathhouse at Dionis Beach.  Some will go to 40th Pole.  All litter back to Dionis Beach for DPW removal.
3.  August 20:  Fat Ladies Beach: meet at the entrance to Bartlett Farm’s Market.  We will travel different dirt roads to the shoreline.
4.  August 27:  Sewer Bed Beach.  Travel down South Shore Road (off of Surfside) to its end at the sewer beds.  Stop there and walk down to the shore.  Be alert for clothes ripped off and left in the dunes in the hallowed name of FREEDOM!
Thanks to all.
P.S.  Expect a huge crowd on August 27!

One thought on “The Clean Team – August Schedule

  1. ACKFM will send out the word on Saturday morning! Town at the Stop & Shop at 8am? and Hoicks Hollow Rd Sankaty at what time? thanks

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