July Schedule

We have an exciting schedule for the balance of July.  I will give further details in the weekly reports, but let me just summarize where we will be.  Always at 8:00 a.m. ending at 9:00 a.m. sharp!
Every week, we will have one group meet in Town at the Stop & Shop parking lot while another group cleans at a new Nantucket locale.  Here is the schedule:
    July 2:  Meet at the very end of Russell’s Way.  We will clean the dirt roads there and the beach toward the airport and in the other direction, toward Tom Nevers.
    July 5:  This is our special event.  We will meet at Nobadeer Beach and join with Town Friends and New Friends from Cisco Brewers to pick up any debris left over by our young, enthusiastic Revelers.  We shall not judge them (even though we want to beat them over the head with one of their empty tequila bottles).  Forgive me for showing my true colors.
    July 9:  Meet on Upper Polpis Road near the entrance to the Sankaty Golf Club.
    July 16:  Meet on Milestone Road near the entrance to the Nantucket Golf Club.
    July 23:  Meet at the landfill entrance on Madaket Road.
    July 30:  Let’s go Uptown!  Meet on Wauwinet Road near the entrance to the Nantucket Island School of Design (NISDA).
As you can see, we have miles to go before we sleep!  Lots of debris out there.

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