Meet at Sanford Farm tomorrow or in town, 8 AM

Dear Friends:
I have been away, but it certainly does warm my heart (and clean our streets, shoreline) to get these reports from our fellow Co-Captains:
    – 9 in Town.  Going after cigarette butts now.  We will win the Battle; and
    – 15 on the Monomoy Shoreline – no place on Earth prettier.  And now it is spotless.  Hauled away a truck load of debris.
We are welcoming new Members of the Team.  Of course, we need every one of them.  The more people we have each Saturday, the more miles we can “police”.
Just returned from Holland and Switzerland.  Would you believe they need us there?  Big time.  Just an assurance that our Clean Team is nec plus ultra.  Not sure what that means, but an erudite friend uses the phrase often.  Hope I spelled it correctly. 
Enough frivolity, this Saturday – rain or shine – at 8:00 a.m.:
    1.  Town at the Stop & Shop Lot; and
    2.  Cliff Road beckons! Meet at Sanford Farm Parking Lot.
Bill Connell

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