Keeping Town clean is a full time job.  Peggy and a crew of ten did their best last Saturday.  But when Peggy went back for a second round (by herself) on Sunday morning, debris was everywhere. 
How to get people to stoop over, pick it up and toss it in a barrel?  Even more galling: merchants who ignore the curb and sidewalk outside their own shops.  You mean the Chamber of Commerce is “too busy” to compel its membership to care?  What happened to Good, Olde Self Interest?  Tourists want a special, unique place to visit?  Come on over!  Clean as a whistle!  Why can’t that vision be achieved?  I’m getting myself whipped up into a frenzy.
Meanwhile, we had 15 volunteers at Cisco, Hummock Pond Road, Somerset Road (thanks Town Manager and Family) and Bartlett Farm Road.  A huge haul, as expected.
On Sunday, we had 11 at Jetties Beach and Peggy in Town.  Thought we cleaned up well at Jetties.  Fear firework debris was plowed under by mechanized beach raking.  It will be back.
In thanking people last week, I forgot (as usual) to thank one of our most consistent supporters, Gene Mahon and his Newsletter.  We are publicized each and every time.  Thanks, Gene.
This Saturday:
    – 8:00 a.m. in Town at Stop & Shop Lot; and
    – 8:00 a.m. at Mill Hill Park next to Ye Olde Windmille, meeting the folks from the NHA!  But we will concentrate on the roads and cemeteries.  The Park is clean, I am told.  We shall see.  And who sees better than us? 
Thanks to all.
Bill Connell (Hawkeye)

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